Technical Writing and Editing

Chicago Transit Authority

  • Red Line Extension Project EIS

California Department of Public Health, under Cooperative Agreement with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

  • Public Health Assessment – Evaluation of Exposure to Contamination at the Jervis B. Webb Co. Superfund Site and Assessment of South Gate Community, Los Angeles County, California
  • Public Health Assessment – Evaluation of Exposure to Contamination at the Blue Ledge Copper Mine Superfund Site, Siskiyou County, California

California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

  •  California Debt Financing Guide

Chicago Transit Authority

  • Red and Purple Modernization Project EIS
  • Red-Purple Bypass Project EA
  • Lawrence to Bryn Mawr Modernization Project EA

California—Caltrans—Bridges and Roads: WDs, ASRs, HPSRs, NESs, Hydraulic Studies, Geotech Studies, and Bridge Selection Studies

  • Spring Creek Road Bridge over Fall River Replacement, Spring Valley Road Bridge at Little Dry Creek Bridge Replacement Project, Iowa City Road Bridge at Jack Slough Bridge Replacement Project, Yreka Creek Bridge on Fairlane Road, Hammonton-Smartsville Shoulder Improvements, Sacramento Drive Bridge Over Olney Creek, Susan River Bridge on the Skyline Road Extension, Long Valley Creek Bridge and Overflow Bridge on Hackstaff Road, Keddie Bridge Replacement Project

Department of the Interior and the California Department of Fish and Game

  • Klamath Facilities Removal EIS/EIR

US Bureau of Reclamation

  • Water Transfer Program

US Bureau of Reclamation

  • Environmental Water Account EIS/EIR

CALFED Bay-Delta Authority

  • Water Management Strategy Evaluation Framework

US Army Corps of Engineers

  • San Pablo Bay Watershed Plan

US Bureau of Reclamation

  • Upper San Joaquin River Basin Storage Investigation

Terrapin Testing, Inc.

  • Laboratory Testing Reports

TJC and Associates, Inc.

  • Engineering Reports

Private Industry

  • Field Research and Product Development Reports
  • Laboratory Procedures
  • Personnel Evaluation Procedures

Private Industry

  • Conference Abstracts, Papers, Presentations, and Journal Articles

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